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1-in-5 Prescriptions Are Off-Label: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

What Does Off-Label Prescribing Look Like? It’s important to recognize that there’s a wide spectrum of off-label uses — a whole continuum, Stafford said, with some uses being more logical and less extreme than others. Stafford offered an example of “lightweight” off-label use: If an FDA-approved heart failure medication is dosed three times a day, Stafford said that for patient convenience, he might prescribe an off-label drug in the same class, with the same action, that’s dosed only once a ...

Study Finds Much Higher BPA Exposures, FDA Dismisses Safety Concerns

“It’s characteristic of science that we continue to improve the methodology we use. Ours is a newer, improved method that wasn’t possible before because we didn’t have standards to measure BPA metabolites. As soon as we ingest something like BPA our body starts to work and metabolizes it. Most of what we see in urine is in metabolized form, it’s not actually BPA itself,” Patricia Hunt, study co-author and professor of molecular bioscience at Washington State University, told MedTruth. The FDA’s

2020 Kicks Off With Global End of Controversial Birth Control Essure

On Dec. 31, 2018 Bayer voluntarily stopped selling and distributing Essure birth control in the United States, a decision the company had announced six months earlier in July. According to the New York Times, Bayer’s withdrawal of Essure was a response to “a lengthy campaign by health advocates and thousands of women to get the device off the market.” Bayer, on the other hand, the Times reported, attributed its withdrawal of Essure from the market on declining sales due to women choosing other

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